Travelling alone can sometimes result in higher cost because of the single occupancy in hotels as well as the lack of sharing costs for transportation and guides. 


Partially this can be avoided by staying in hostels.  If sharing a room with 5 other people is not how you would enjoy your vacation you might want to look in some travel companies that specialize in solo travelers and small groups.  This can be a good compromise between paying full price as individual traveler and sharing the room with 5 or more other people.


Some of the bigger companies that specialize on small group adventures worldwide are:

  Contiki G Adventures Geckos Adventures Intrepid Travel
Trips 268 662 146 689
Countries 46 113 54 113
Continents 6 7 7 7
Group Size 25-50 12-18 16 12-16
Age Range 18-35

regular: 18+

family trips: 5+

other: 12+


overland: 18+

family trips: 5+

other: 12+

Solo Traveller supplement no no (a few exceptions) no no (except basix style)
Own room option (extra charge) yes yes yes yes
People per room 4 2 2 2
Guaranteed departure most trips all trips all trips most trips
Private tours available no yes (8 people minimum) yes (3 people minimum) yes (4 people minimum)

100$ (2 trips booked together)

5% (booking 4+ people)

7.5% (booking 7+ people)

10% (booking 10+ people)

3.5% cash back with BigCrumbs

5% on your next trip when completing the trip evaluation within 30 days.

5% on 2nd-4th trip

10% on your 5th trip

3% cash back with Ebates

5% when booking 3 trips at the same time

5% on your next trip when completing the trip evaluation within 30 days

Tour language English English English English
Founded 1962 1990 2000 1989


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